What is EMSculpt?

Experience the rewards of an intense supramaximal muscular workout, without any of the work.

EMSculpt is the answer to the need for an effective, non-invasive treatment that reduces fat and tones muscle. However, unlike fat burning treatments like Coolsculpting that target fat cells, EMSculpt works by building muscle from within. 

Imagine doing 20,000 crunches in half an hour

Using High-Intensity Focussed Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, EMSculpt treatment stimulates muscle tissue to an intensity that wouldn’t be possible through regular muscular contractions. In fact, during a 30 minute session focussing on the abdominal muscles, they will contract over 20,000 times. That’s an output that would simply be impossible to achieve during even the most intense exercise without the electromagnetic stimulus of EMSculpt. 

What is EMSculpt used for?

EMSculpt is an ideal treatment for people who are at their ideal body weight but want to quickly increase muscle tone and contour their body. We’ve seen EMSculpt used for the successful treatment of the following client cases at Cosmebeaute: 

  • A highly effective, steroid-free way to help grow aesthetic muscles far more quickly than with exercise alone. For example, using EMSculpt to help a client with their goal to tranform toned but flat abs into a visible, defined muscle group.
  • Restoring muscle mass following an accident that caused muscle wastage and loss of strength.
  • Creating a sleek body profile by working on small fat deposits that are hard to shift despite exercising the area. 
  • A completely non-surgical alternative to butt lifting procedures that builds gluteus muscles for a noticeably tighter & lifted look.
  • An effective corrective treatment for diastasis recti, the abdominal muscle separation that can occur during pregnancy. 

What results can you expect from EMSculpt?

Build aesthetic muscles quickly

EMSculpt could be the ideal accompaniment to exercise to supercharge your results. 

EMSculpt is a unique treatment that can accelerate aesthetic muscle growth to make an impact on your chosen muscle group, fast. EMSculpt’s electromagnetism induces muscles to contract as they would in a normal strength based work-out, but to a much more intense level. The contractions are in fact known as ‘supramaximal’ contractions, because they go beyond the maximal level of muscle tension possible in standard exercise. 

Putting your muscles through this kind of extreme conditioning forces them to quickly adapt, strengthen and multiply. Select any muscle group in the body to accelerate natural muscle growth in 30 minute sessions that would otherwise take exponentially longer to form with standard exercise alone. All with no down time so no disruption to your normal training routine.

Body Contouring 

The ability to target specific areas of the body to sculpt and tighten them is part of what makes EMSculpt unique. 

EMSculpt isn’t a general non-surgical fat reduction treatment for losing whole body weight. If, however, you’re searching for a highly effective non-surgical fat burning treatment that can be used to target one specific area of the body, EMSculpt might be for you. In clinical studies, EMSculpt users saw up to 19% fat reduction in their chosen area after 1 month and 22% after 3 months.

Even with a healthy diet and an exercise regimen, some deposits of body fat can be hard to shift and cause self consciousness. When you’ve worked hard to create a lean body profile, small pockets of fat that aren’t responding to focussed exercise can be an annoyance that can causes self consciousness. EMSculpt gives you the power to contour your body by targeting specific areas. EMSculpt’s electromagnetic stimulus can be used on any chosen area for precision body sculpting as it tones muscles as well as stimulating a fat-burning, metabolic reaction in fat cells.

The only non-invasive butt lift 

EMSculpt is an effective toning treatment for the buttock muscles, making it a one of a kind non-surgical option for firmer, tighter buttocks. 

EMSculpt helps to achieve the same naturally full results that gluteus muscle exercise such as squatting can give. These muscles are worked on by EMSculpt’s HIFEM electromagnetic technology which helps to build muscle tissue at a deep level, for buttocks that look lifted.

How does EMSculpt impact on the body?

We often get asked if EMSculpt is painful or requires any recovery time. The procedure involves the involuntary supramaximal contractions of the muscles which creates a noticeable but painless sensation. EMSculpt requires no recovery time or disruption to everyday life as it is a non surgical fat reduction procedure.

When will you see results?

From the moment your EMSculpt session starts your muscle tissue is responding to the HIFEM technology. The sweet spot for seeing the full results of your EMSculpt procedure is 2 to 6 weeks after your last session. 

 What is the procedure time & how long is one course?

Treatment time is short, being only 30 minutes per session. One full course, which is the minimum course length for best results, is 4 x 30 minute sessions with 2-3 days off in between each one. 

Is there any recommended aftercare?

There is no specific aftercare necessary for EMSculpt. We would however recommend taking a break from the gym or other physically strenuous activities for a few days if you experience any muscular fatigue.

Our friendly and professional reception team are available to discuss how you can start your EMSculpt journey at Cosmebeaute.

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