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“I went to see Dr Sra for my Miradry treatment on my armpits. As with a lot of Asian men, I have a big problem with sweaty armpits which can be quite embarrassing during a work meeting and other social events. Pretty much ruled out being able to wear any light coloured shirts, I’m happy to say I no longer have this problem!
The procedure was not as painful as I expected, the injections to numb the area are actually far less than those you get when visiting the dentist and the whole procedure took 1.5 hours in total.
Great facilities, was able to watch Netflix whilst everything was happening and any soreness only lasted for about 8 hours, as long as you have an ice pack or a cold can of coke it’s very bearable.
I’m so happy that I don’t have to use any deodorant going forward and I can finally keep shirts longer than 2 months!” – GS

“Hina in my opinion is the Botox Queen! I have been having Botox with Hina for over 3 years and she gets it right every time! Hina is extremely knowledgeable and I have added assurance that Hina knows what she is doing with her having a professional medical background. Her partner Amit has also been a saviour. I had 4 unsightly moles removed by him and have been left scar free and extremely happy with the end results. Perfect team! Would highly recommend to anyone considering cosmetic enhancements with them both.”  – Poppy                                                                                                                                                                  

“Beautiful skin doesn’t come from make-up. Beautiful skin comes from a great Aesthetician! Thank you so much, Hina! You are the best!”  – Genoveva 

Hina is the only person I would let touch my lips. She does my filler and Botox too. She is gentle, patient and really gives a high polished result.”  – Traci


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